You can build your wealth and live the life you always wanted. All it takes is knowledge.

Chaim Ekstein

Author, Educator, Speaker

As An Expert

With a sound financial background since 1999 and an ethically human approach to investment guidance, Chaim is a big believer in transparency and open communication. While he found a world of education by following textbook education as a life insurance broker, he initiated a refreshing and honest angle once he ventured on his path to unfiltered and uninfluenced investment guidance. Since landing his formal Certified Financial Planner™ certification in 2005, Chaim has been making an impact via foundational courses, informative lectures and his bestselling book, ‘Escape from the Prison of Comfort & Create the Life of Your Dreams.’


Chaim combined his passion to help others with his true belief that parnassah comes from Hashem. Armed with that knowledge and a wish to truly help others within and beyond his community, he left behind over two decades in the formal world of life insurance and made a commitment to help on a global scale. “I really do believe that everyone was born to reach mega success unless proven otherwise”, says Chaim of his passion to help others surpass their goals.


Chaim currently features over 25 years in finance, is an Amazon bestselling author and has helped thousands of clients claim the fast track to investment smarts. Always seeking solutions with a low barrier to entry, Chaim became infatuated with his role in stocks and options and transitioned his deep seated knowledge to help spread the word so that others can gain. “Knowledge is the key differentiator in the world of stocks and options, so I wanted to harvest that knowledge for others to follow by example.” 


You already know Chaim as a motivator, author and public speaker. Get to know him as a mentor.


As An Author

Chaim’s book, Escape from the Prison of Comfort & Create the Life of Your Dreams, talks about how to escape from comfort prisons and embrace change. This book is a guide for those who are tired of being stuck in their own ways and want to take on new challenges. The book helps readers examine their own lives to uncover the obstacles that have kept them from leading happier ones. It then lays out a plan for escaping those prisons and finding happiness.

As an author, Chaim is passionate about helping people achieve financial freedom through this book.