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How Does It Work?

My foundational course 'Options Income' begins on February 19, 2023 and will take you on a 9 week implementation based course, providing everything you need to know about investing with options. The core program is structured for Sundays, from 3:30pm-4:15pm, followed by an instructional workshop and Q&A. If you miss a session, you can request a session replay to remain up to par.

What's Included?

  • Weekly 45 minute Zoom trade review session
  • Access to General Passive Income Foundation Program ($300 value)
  • Includes first three months on booster program for actual investments ($1500 value)
  • Access to session replays
  • Personal Q&A mentorship


Here's why you want to join:

1. Zero trade-off: You can still continue your 9-5 job or run your own business.

2. Immediate gain: Launch your option-selling income stream in just 90 days!

3. Trade techniques: Become highly skilled at selling options and find out the secret most investors don’t know about.

4. Income generator: Generate a consistent income, even if you don’t have a big bank account.

5. Financial mentorship: Get your questions answered so you stay ahead of the game.

6. The course is taught in Yiddish.


Hey, Wait! There's A Catch.

Well, not really. But, to be a candidate for our program, double check if you match the following criteria:

 I am ambitious and willing to hustle.

 I am a young Jewish entrepreneur or professional looking for a secondary income stream.

 I am willing to do whatever it takes to earn that income professionally, respectfully and legally.

 I am self motivated and not receiving a stipend. (financial payout from a family member)

 I am looking for long term success, without being dependent on the next sale or occupation.

 I want to go from ‘survive’ to ‘thrive’.

Here's A Snapshot Of What You'll Learn:

Beware, it’s the polar opposite of what most others do (and teach!).

● Options vs. stock

● Understanding Call and Put options

● Buying vs. selling options

● Probability of profits

● Options spreads (minimize risk)

● Trade management (when trade goes against you)

"More than just a course, my program is a life changing experience. With Hashem’s help, it will help you gain immense clarity, confidence and guidance. It will give you a tool to succeed in investing with options, with the structure to grow and the ability to handle an investment that doesn’t go as planned."

You seem ready to get started.

For a one time investment of $2,747 you'll get a 3 in One program package:

  • 'Options Income' 9 week foundation course
  • 3 months of '$2500 Monthly Goal' program (Valued at $495 per month)
  • Access to our renowned 'General Passive Income Generator' program
Work at your own pace and set your own goals, as you watch your investment grow exponentially.



Until further notice, no further courses will be given for the foundational stage.

You may join the waiting list to be notified of any changes.

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